Zambia National Budget 2019 Infographic

2017 Budget Infographic

The 2017 budget is anchored on equitable growth and development across the entire country. The government of the republic of Zambia is cognizant of the challenges involved in its economic recovery programme and has instituted measures to scale up social safety nets to protect the…

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Referendum and Bill of RIghts – Infographic

What is the Bill of Rights? The Bill of Rights is a set of legal guarantees that are specifically set out within the constitution to protect fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. The Bill of Rights is fundamental to democracy and constitutionalism and is the…

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Learning From Government Indices-Towards a Government Delivery Measurement Tool

Zambia does not have one consolidated and widely accepted tool for measuring Government delivery of development commitments and targets. Instead there are a number of measurement frameworks, which sometimes lead to inconsistent measurements of progress and outcomes across several data sources. Within Government, there are…

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